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Primary Framing Systems

Clear Span

Clear span frames are most often used in buildings where unobstructed interior space is required. Common uses include aircraft hangars, arenas, tennis centers, soccer centers, riding arenas, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, offices, and retail stores. Column-free interiors can also provide the space required for material handling and crane systems.



Multi-span frames are commonly used for building layouts that permit interior columns. The spacing between columns can be consistent or varied to meet the requirements. Large open floor spaces are accommodated by using the minimum number of columns which allows large open space and easy movement of forklifts, etc. Common uses include manufacturing plants, warehouses, truck terminals, and retail stores.



Primarily used for expansion or extension of a building, lean-to frames can provide additional space very economically. They are commonly used to provide additional office or storage space for a larger building. A lean-to frame typically has a single slope profile (no ridge) and straight sidewall columns. It must be supported by attaching it to another frame.

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